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Learn The Benefits of Using Potty Patrol Diapers While Potty Training

Potty Training TipsPotty training isn’t easy especially if you have a stubborn child. My youngest son started potty training just before his second birthday at daycare and when he came home with me I was continuing to work on it. However, it wasn’t going so well and he would only go in the potty when he wanted too. I got to the point where I backed off because I thought that maybe he wasn’t truly ready even though he was showing some of the signs that he was ready to start potty training. He loved to go potty when I gave him a reward like gummy bears. I finally decided to stop giving him treats every single time because I wanted him to go on the potty when he felt the urge. Of course, he would tell me that he soiled his diaper or pull up.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary box of Potty Patrol Diapers in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

If you have a child that is ready to start potty training but isn’t quite ready to wear training pants or big boy/girl undergarments, I highly suggest that you check out Potty Patrol: Potty Training Diapers. They look and feel like ordinary diapers but they have two strips down the diaper and two buttons so that you can attach the potty patrol alarm. These diapers should be use to help teach your child when they need to use the restroom. As soon as they wet or soil their diaper, it will sound off the potty alarm. Once the alarm goes off you should immediately take your child and set them up on the toilet.

This helps them make the connection and helps transition them to go to the bathroom when they feel the urge coming on to use the restroom. When my son was at daycare, they would force the kids to sit on the potty and I didn’t really like to do that because I couldn’t sit on the side of the bathtub for very long without being in excruciating pain. Plus, I didn’t want my kids to feel as if sitting on the potty was punishment or a failure because they couldn’t use the bathroom on cue.

Learn The Benefits of Using  Potty Patrol Diapers While Potty Training

  • Saves Time – I have three kids and I know that potty training all of them was a long, drawn out process. Adding potty patrol helps you seamlessly teach your child to sit on the potty once the alarm goes off. They have the same convenience of diapers but as you are training your child you can slowly introduce training pants or big boy/girl undergarments.
  • Saves Money – If you are using the potty patrol diapers during the day, you can quickly and easily help your child associate going to the bathroom as soon as the alarm goes off.
  • Help Save the Environment or At Least Try – The sooner you get your child out of diapers the sooner you stop filling the landfill and throwing away money. These diapers can help you speed along the potty training process.

When I took my youngest son to his three year check up, his doctor asked me if he was fully potty trained yet. I had to tell her “no” and I was afraid she was going to tell me that he should have already been potty trained. She reassured me that this was normal and not worry that about 30% of boys are potty trained by the time they are three years old.

I received these diapers about the time that I was actually working on aggressively potty training my son. I tried testing the diaper/alarm with water and it didn’t set off the alarm. I am assuming that the diaper is triggered when the ammonia hits the strips inside of the diaper or the potty patrol alarm wasn’t working properly. I really wish that I would have received these diapers a bit sooner so that I could have used them to help potty train my son quicker.

They make the Potty Patrol Diapers for both boys and girls. Make sure that you pick up a starter kit the very first time and you can buy the refill pack next time.

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5 responses to “Learn The Benefits of Using Potty Patrol Diapers While Potty Training”

  1. Preston Davis Avatar

    My daughter isn’t at potty training yet but I’ve never heard of these and they seem like they could be really helpful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Christy Avatar

      These diapers would be very helpful. I have a ton of great potty training tips on my blog, you can check out all of my tips by clicking on the side bar link. It takes you to all the pages about potty training. I have another series coming soon too.

  2. Sharon Avatar

    As usual all the good stuff comes out after my kids are out of diapers 😉

  3. Christy Maurer Avatar

    I’m thankful both of my kids were easy to potty train, but these seem like great diapers! Good for parents in that stage of life.

  4. Pam Rote Avatar

    Well not in the potty training age any more, but these would have been really nice for my Son…he was a handful to get to sit on the potty—my daughter just one day took off her diaper and sat down and DONE!