How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party - Party Basics

How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party – Party Basics

How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party - Party Basics

Throwing a party for a kid can be quite demanding, especially if the child is still not old enough to fully understand what is going on around them. Moreover, it is vital that you plan the party together with your child, because it will be for them, and they should have a say in it as well. On the other hand, you should not let them decide too much, as they still do not know what they want, but if you give them a helping hand in the decision making, you can find the best solutions in no time.

Pick Out a Theme

No child party is complete without a theme for it, which is why you should sit down with your child, and find the best theme they would like for their party. However, make sure that the thematic picked is not something obscure so that the other children and other present at the party do not get it. The point is to create an atmosphere that will make the children have fun and make the party unforgettable. Furthermore, if you have a birthday party theme picked out, it will make the decorating part easier as well, because you will know what to get exactly.

Plan a Short But Structured Party

It is vital that the children are entertained, but they cannot be dealt with for too long without some problems arising. It is important to think about the average attention and party span a child possesses; usually it is better to plan the party out for two to three hours; but the length can vary with the age of the children. Moreover, make the party structured so that you have different stages of activities to keep the kids entertained.

Serving the Right Food

Kids at a party like to nibble on snacks and they should not be served a selection of unhealthy choices only. Even if they prefer a handful of foods, it is important to look into what kind of food can be served at a kid’s party; so that they are not overdosed on sugar. However, you can mask certain foods to look like their favorites, while trying to sneak in a bit of a healthy dip to it as well. But, make sure that you avoid anything that might be allergenic, if you know that someone with allergies will be attending as well.

Plan Out Plenty of Games

Keeping children entertained is not easy at all, you will need a lot of energy to just keep up with them; but if you plan out a lot of games they can play, you will soon see that they can get tired as well. Make sure that they are never bored as it can quickly turn ugly. But you can make the whole party a game as well, a costume party can include many characters, but most will opt for disney costumes as they are the most prominent; nevertheless, you can make even have a winner at the end of the party, to see who had the best costume.

Make the Party Interactive

Whether you plan games which will include certain ingredients, or if you make the decoration interactive as well, it is important to make everything feel like it is a part of the party. In the end, it is possible for kids to take some decorations home as well; which will help you later on when you have to clean and tidy up the place. For the kids, it will be a great memorabilia to remind them about a great party they went to.

Having Fun

When designing a kid’s birthday party, it is vital to make it so that everyone can have fun. Unless the children are entertained, or if they have nothing to eat or drink, they will soon get bored and ruin the party for everyone. However, if you work on towards making the best kid party ever, it is guaranteed that kids, and parents as well, will have a great time and that the party will be unforgettable. Remember that you should always make sure that all children have proper adult supervision, so that nothing gets out of hand or worse.

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What is your favorite game to play at your child’s birthday party? Or please share your favorite game that you played at your own or a friend’s birthday party while you were growing up?

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2 responses to “How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party – Party Basics”

  1. Mariana Avatar

    These are great tips! I think my favorite game to play at a birthday party is musical chairs, or hitting a piñata. There always has to be a piñnata!

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Been planning my son’s birthday parties for the past six years. Going seven this year. I usually start with the party theme and take everything from there. 🙂