Planning a Baby Shower: Proper Baby Shower Etiquette

Mom and Bee Baby ShowerA baby shower was a tradition that was started to celebrate the arrival of a new baby for expectant mothers.  However, the tradition begin in the very early days and was very different compared to today’s baby showers.  In fact, there is a lot of controversy surrounding today’s baby showers and the etiquette.     The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of the new baby and to shower the mother with attention and gifts.  In fact, if you have a baby shower beyond your first born child you may or may not experience some negativity surrounding the baby shower.  Early traditions intended a baby shower to be for the first born child only; however, traditions are slowly changing and more people feel that each baby should be a reason enough to celebrate the baby’s arrival.

Disclosure:  The opinions reflected in this post are my own and may differ from your own opinions.

A Small History Lesson on the Origin of a Baby Shower

A baby shower is associated with pregnancy and childbirth and originated during ancient times.  It has evolved into different traditions depending on the region or area that you live in.  Baby showers were only attended by women, usually, the women were family members and close friends to the expectant mother.  Motherhood was considered a rite of passage similar to a wedding and this was a special time that was celebrated.  A baby shower gave new mother’s a chance to try out new tools (baby gear) on their newborn baby and allow the new mother to try out her new role as a mother.  Once the expectant mother’s baby is born, she will now have a new identity in her community.

During the 21st century, the role of the baby shower has dramatically changed and it is more of a party for the expectant mother.  Invitations are mailed to participants and many hosts entertain the guests with games and refreshments.  The ultimate tradition still remains and guests are invited to come to a baby shower to welcome the new baby and to shower mom with gifts.  Traditionally, baby showers were thrown for the first born child in the family; however, times are changing and many people feel that each baby should be celebrated.

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10 responses to “Planning a Baby Shower: Proper Baby Shower Etiquette”

  1. Kristl Story Avatar

    fascinating history of baby showers!

  2. KG Avatar

    Great post and tips! I plan a whole load of babyshowers. These are my favorite to plan for some reason.

    Stopping by from VB.

  3. Dawn Reber Avatar
    Dawn Reber

    This is an interesting (and good) post. I disagree that only the first child should have a baby shower. Celebrating a birth doesn't have to be about "big ticket" items, but could be more about day to day essentials like diapers, clothing, accessories for the babies room. I have 3 children and I had a shower for each one. My first was for a daughter born almost 25 years ago. My second was for a son born almost 23 years ago. The gifts I got mostly for him were boy clothes and accessories for his room. My third child was born almost 3 years ago – so I substantial gap between her and my "last" baby!

  4. Pepper Tan Avatar

    I never knew about the history of baby showers until now. Thanks for sharing :). Oh, I don’t remember having my own baby shower. Maybe it’s time I had another baby, so I can finally have my own baby shower 🙂

  5. Michelle Avatar

    My son was 4 weeks early and we had JUST had the shower the week before he was born, so the guide of 6 – 8 weeks before is a good one. I’ve heard of people having “diaper parties” for the second and beyond children, because even if they already have everything they need from the first baby, they’ll still need diapers.

  6. michelle Avatar

    Great post I especially love the etiquette and multiple babies showers. That is always a struggle for us. My friends have always thrown me a shower and I have three kids, it makes me uncomfortable.

  7. Cynthia Avatar

    I had a wonderful time at our baby shower. My sister hosted it for hubby, baby, and I.

  8. Leah Mastilock Avatar

    I like the idea of a Mother Blessing, celebrating pregnancy and motherhood; spoiling the mom a bit before the hard work of delivering and caring for baby begins. I always try to give a gift mom could use, like healing tea, not just something cute for the baby. Nice that you included some history!

  9. marcia Avatar

    What an interesting post! And you are correct, some people think it should only be for the first born. I know others who feel like if the second (or third) child comes along many years after the first born then a shower is “acceptable”. It is also considered okay if the new baby is a different sex than the first (baby boys cannot wear their sisters bonnets or use the pink stroller, etc). Personally, I agree every life should be celebrated! Thanks for the history lesson!


  10. Pamela R Avatar

    I had two showers, one before with family ans one after with friends, and the family members who couldn’t make the first one some people live out of town. I think every child should be celebrated -I enjoyed the history of the Shower =)