How to Raise Tech-Savvy Children

How to Raise Tech-Savvy Children

How to Raise Tech-Savvy ChildrenTechnology is an all-encompassing part of today’s world. Most people will use technology constantly throughout the day. Many parents feel that technology like this is only a distraction to their kids, and they try to avoid letting their children use technology as much as possible. Though it is true that technology can be extremely distracting and even dangerous to children, it also can be extremely beneficial in many aspects of life.

Technology is going to be a part of every child’s life. Additionally, children will need an understanding of technology in order to succeed later in life. Parents can give their children the tools now to use technology appropriately and avoid the distractions and dangers that can happen with technology use. Starting early will ensure that children know how to use technology correctly and will be able to be successful using technology in the future. Here are some tips to help parents raise tech-savvy children.

Relearn Technology From a Child’s Perspective

Sometimes adults can forget how different using technology is for a child. Children see the world of technology and the internet a lot differently than adults do, and parents need to be aware of these differences when teaching their children to use technology. It is a good idea for parents to go back and relearn common technologies from a child’s point of view.

Establish Rules First

Kids will need to have some boundaries when working with technology. Parents should use their u-verse in Connecticut to block out certain websites, apps and other things that they do not want their children to see. Parents should also limit time using each technology item to help their children expand their learning and avoid addiction issues.

Prepare for Possible Issues

There are some issues that can arise when letting children use technology. Technology addiction, online bullying and overstimulation are just a few possible issues. Parents should make sure that they have put in place some actions to help their children avoid these issues.

Give Kids Special Tech Jobs to Do

Simply letting a child sit in front of a screen is not enough to ensure that they will properly know how to use technology. Parents should give their children specific tasks to do using technology to help them learn more. For example, parents can let their children make a blog or website for their school club. This will give children a better understanding of what technology can do and also reward them for their hard work.

Use Technology to Connect with Others

Connecting with other people is one of the most popular benefits of technology. Kids can use technology to connect with people around the world and establish relationships they might not have been able too before. Parents can help their children use video messaging to talk with relatives and friends who live far away, use social media safely with their friends, and even connect to their classmates and teachers for after school help on assignments.

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8 responses to “How to Raise Tech-Savvy Children”

  1. Khanh Avatar

    I agree with you, understanding the technology is essential for children, but it is important that you need to teach children how to use them properly, especially teaching them how to be safe while using internet.

    There are many risks when using the internet but naive children don’t understand. For example, they disclose personal information online, willing to make friends with strangers … That is extremely dangerous.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, this is very true. I have shared a few other posts on this very topic for non tech savvy parents.

  2. Angela Christopher Avatar

    ow this is great parenting tips I know my two kids are addicted in tech and I always gave their a limit.

  3. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Kids these days are really lucky when it comes to technology. It’s like, whoa – they have it all! Back in my time, only a few people in our neighborhood had telephones and cable TV in their homes.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree. We didn’t have a computer in our home until I was in college. It only did basic word docs. Then I got my first computer as an adult and started using the Internet the first year it came out.

  4. Stefani Tolson Avatar

    I think it is great that children have access to the technology we have today. There are times when I wish I would have had access to all the things my children do.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree. They are spoiled. They have a library of information at their finger tips.

  5. Christy Garrett Avatar

    My kids would be addicted if I let them too.