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Are You Raising Your Children to Be Productive Adults? #RaisingAdults

My daughter turned 18 in December and is a bit behind in maturity due to her communications skills. She has a bilateral hearing loss and wears cochlear implants on both ears. She got the first one when she was 4 years old and when she got it turned on for the very first time, the reaction on her face was priceless. My daughter ended up losing a ton of early communication skills because she didn’t get her cochlear implant until she was 4 years old. For the first four years of her life, she relied on sign language which gave her a language base.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of How to Raise an Adult in order to facilitate this post.

As we all know that the English language is fairly complicated since there are multiple meanings for some words. So even though she is 18, she is still behind in her communication skills. I have always wondered how well she would succeed in life. My daughter has one more year of high school and then she plans on going to college once she graduates. She wants to be a deaf education teacher and I am very proud of her.

Parenting is super hard and there is no manual available to help parents raise children. I kinda wish there was a guide but at the same time everyone’s opinion would differ based on their own family traditions, values, ect.

As a parent, I want what is best for my children. Here are a few things that I have taught my kids:

  • manners
  • how to do chores
  • how to help others in need
  • taught them about hygiene 
  • to always do their best
  • how to be independent
  • to do well in school
  • teach them that there are consequences for their actions
  • taught them the value of money (it doesn’t grow on trees)
  • how to prioritize things
  • how to be respectful
  • and so many other things that are valuable life skills.

I have sorta been a helicopter mom and I really hope that I haven’t sheltered my kids too much. I do care what they do and I want them to always make wise choices.

When I got the opportunity to review How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims, I knew that this was a book that I needed to read.

How to Raise an Adult

Here is a brief description of the book:

Julie Lythcott-Haims is a national treasure. . . . A must-read for every parent who senses that there is a healthier and saner way to raise our children.” –Madeline Levine, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Price of Privilege and Teach Your Children Well
For parents who want to foster hearty self-reliance instead of hollow self-esteem, How to Raise an Adult is the right book at the right time.” –Daniel H. Pink, author of the New York Times bestsellers Drive and A Whole New Mind

A provocative manifesto that exposes the harms of helicopter parenting and sets forth an alternate philosophy for raising preteens and teens to self-sufficient young adulthood

In How to Raise an Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haims draws on research, conversations with educators and employers, and her own insights as a mother and student dean to highlight the ways in which over-parenting harms children and their stressed-out parents. She identifies types of helicopter parents and, while empathizing with parents’ universal worries, offers practical alternative strategies that underline the importance of allowing children to make their own mistakes and develop the resilience, resourcefulness, and inner determination necessary for success.

Relevant to parents of toddlers as well as of twentysomethings, this book is a rallying cry for those who wish to ensure that the next generation can take charge of their own lives with competence and confidence.

You can purchase a copy of this book on [amazon_link id=”1627791779″ target=”_blank”  rel=”nofollow”]Amazon[/amazon_link].

Are you raising your kids to be productive adults?

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18 responses to “Are You Raising Your Children to Be Productive Adults? #RaisingAdults”

  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle Avatar

    This sounds like a great book. Parenting is a tough proposition. You have to balance so many things to raise up a fine young man or woman.

  2. Melissa Pezza Avatar

    This sounds like a great read. Too often, we end up with what I like to call “unintended consequences” with our parenting. It’s a difficult task!

  3. Christy Maurer Avatar

    Since mine are almost grown-ups, (17 and 20..well one is a grown up lol) I can honestly say, yes, I did raise them to be productive adults. My son is going to be a senior in HS and has a 3.2 cumulative GPA and my daughter graduated Community College with a 4.0 and is entering a 4 year college to become an English teacher. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments.

  4. Heather Avatar

    I will have to pick up this book. My daughter is only four, however with your list and suggestions from the book I have definitely raised my daughter to be a productive adult when she is older. I’m not ready for her to be an adult just yet, so she can stay little for now!

  5. Alli Avatar

    My kids are all grown and are productive adults. I’m so proud of the paths they have all chosen for their lives and for the caring, loving adults they have become. I hope I had a little bit to do with that. 🙂

  6. celebbabylaundry Avatar

    Productivity is surely something you have to teach! It’s super useful and very important to know that there has to be time to do productive things.

  7. Chubskulit Rose Avatar

    At an early age, I was trained by my MOm to be a responsible individual so now that I am a Mom, I do it with my kids as well. It is important to train them.

  8. ricci Avatar

    I don’t have kids but I do agree with this book!! Productivity is something to strive for in kids.

  9. HilLesha Avatar

    It is always important to instill the value of money early on. That is why I’m so thankful that my mother taught me the value of a dollar when I was a young child, because it has helped me avoid financial pitfalls as an adult.

  10. michele d Avatar
    michele d

    Absolutely! It’s very important to raise your children to be productive adults. It’s sad when others don’t see that but unfortunately it starts with the parents.

  11. Michellette "MimiCuteLips" Green Avatar

    My cousin is 18 and has only been wearing cochlear for a few years now. He is a year behind in the school because he had to make an adjustment. He attends Galludett and had to learn sign language at 16. It has been an adjustment but he is doing pretty good. He is looking forward to going to college.

  12. rocky Avatar

    I’ll check this book out and thanks for sharing…

  13. Lisa Rios Avatar

    Really sounds like a great read. Its very important to raise your children to be productive adults. Parenting is a tough period, but you have to balance many things to raise up a fine personality.

  14. Lynndee Avatar

    This book really sounds interesting and I would love to get a copy. I will check it out. I know I will learn a lot from it.

  15. Theresa Avatar

    Thanks for sharing such a neat book! I’d love to read it.

  16. Carin Kilby Clark Avatar

    This book sounds like a great read. I certainly agree that it’s important to raise your children with the end-game in mind. Being that you need to prepare them for adulthood and teach them how to be productive world citizens.

  17. Erin Kennedy Avatar

    Wow, this book looks super interesting and like a really good read. I don’t have any children yet, but I will bookmark this for when it is time to start raising polite children. It is super important.

  18. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen Avatar

    We all want what’s best for our kids but sometimes we end up overdoing it. I need to get a copy of this book asap.