Tacky Box Review

The Tacky Box Can Help Parents Take Charge of A Potty Mouth or Stop Kids Saying Hurtful Things

Tacky Box ReviewHave you ever slipped and said a tacky word in front of your child?  I know that I am guilty of this of accidentally saying something I will regret later or said something that wasn’t appropriate for my children to hear.  I have always tried to be aware and watch what I say and do in front of them.  I want to make sure that my kids aren’t picking up bad habits.  Believe it or not your kids are listening and soaking in everything that you say around them.  In fact, they might not repeat it right away but you also should be very careful about the things that you allow your children to watch on television. If you listen carefully, you will quickly realize that there are tacky words on television, even during prime time, on the radio, and out in public.

If your child is already repeating some of the tacky words that they have heard from you, on television, the radio, or from their friends at school, it’s time to find a solution to the problem before it gets out of control.  The Tacky Box can help you take control of your child’s potty mouth and help them realize that some of the things they say can hurt other people’s feelings.  In fact, the Tacky Box will help prevent embarrassing moments in public.  If you have tried other behavior modification methods and have failed, you should try the Tacky Box.

Disclosure:  I received a Tacky Box Kit to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

I jumped at the opportunity to review the Tacky Box because my youngest son has already said some tacky things at 2.5 years old.  In fact, a few nights ago while I was giving him a bath and he said, “mama your fat”.  I immediately told him that wasn’t nice but I also realize that he had no clue that saying those words could potentially hurt someone’s feelings.  As a mom, it is my job to teach my children to choose their words wisely and let them know that saying certain things could hurt someone else feelings.  I have always taught my children to use their manners and to be respectful to other people.

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7 responses to “The Tacky Box Can Help Parents Take Charge of A Potty Mouth or Stop Kids Saying Hurtful Things”

  1. Ang Johnson Avatar

    Sounds like a very interesting idea! Might work for the teens too!

    1. Christy Avatar

      It is working on my teens as well. I had them come up with and write the tacky words since my youngest son was too little to brainstorm Tacky words. My daughter is quick to point out The Tacky words and call you out on it.

  2. Emma @ P is for Preschooler Avatar

    This sounds like a wonderful idea – and one I could definitely use with my daughter, who just turned 5. With kids as young as your son, they have no idea that what they say isn’t nice and can even be hurtful; he probably just heard someone else use that phrase and repeated it. This tacky box is a great idea!

  3. Roz K. Walker Avatar

    What a creative idea! It sounds like a good way to help children be mindful of their behavior.

  4. Elizabeth Towns Avatar

    I am going to definitely try the Tacky Box now – this is the second time I have encountered it. My son is entering a stage where he will lie to me about the most ridiculous things. They don’t really matter in the scheme of things, but it’s not good. The Tacky Box could help us a lot, and its really a positive reinforcement. I guess we’ll be going for it!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I am loving the Tacky box, it is working even on my teenagers. 😉

  5. Sharon ODay Avatar
    Sharon ODay

    Christy, parents have less and less control over what their kids hear and see, mostly as a result of overly-available technology. And society isn't reinforcing the behaviors the parents might want their kids to follow. That makes it even more critical to use tremendous creativity and to start the behavior adjustment early on. The Tacky Box even has a cool name!