Tips and Tricks to Help You Cope with Your Toddler's Temper Tantrums

Tips and Tricks to Help You Cope with Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums

Tips and Tricks to Help You Cope with Your Toddler's Temper TantrumsToddlers are creatures of habit and they are often told “no” over and over again. As they are learning new things they will often will throw a temper tantrum when they feel like they can accomplish something on their own or they can’t communicate their feelings, even though we know that they can’t quite do it themselves. Instead of being rational like an adult, they will throw themselves on the floor and it usually involves kicking and screaming.

Don’t worry this is a phase that your toddler/preschooler will go through and will eventually outgrow by the time they are 4 or 5 years old, depending on your child’s maturity and communication skills. When my youngest son threw a fit, I often let him have his temper tantrum on the floor or would make him move it to his bedroom as long as he wasn’t hurting himself. I would let him calm down and then we would talk about his behavior.

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Tips and Tricks to Help You Cope with Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums

I found when talking to your toddler it is best to get on their level and have a conversation with them. At this age they may not fully understand what you are saying to them but you want them to learn that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Here are some tips for surviving your child’s terrible twos:

  • Be patient with your child, this is a phase and they will grow out of it.
  • Give them options instead of telling them “no”
  • Allow them to calm down and try to communicate their feelings
  • Take a mommy or daddy time out if you are frustrated with your child
  • Your child will try to test you but it is important that you stick to your grounds and enforce what you are trying to get your child to do without throwing a temper tantrum.
  • If you find your child throwing a temper tantrum in public, you can’t let them scream and throw a fit in the middle of the isle. Instead, remove them from the situation even if it means you leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the store or your fun outing early. Trust me the people around will thank you.
  • A child is more likely to have a temper tantrum if they are sleepy, hungry, or sick. If possible, avoid outings and errands during nap or dinner time.
  • Try to help your child find a solution to their frustration or determine what they want to do themselves. If they want to do something by themselves that isn’t going to hurt or injure them, you should allow them to do it with supervision.
  • Learn how your child handles stressful situations. Remember some kids will have a meltdown if they don’t know how to handle a stressful situation.
  • Discipline your child every time so that they learn right and wrong.
  • Step in immediately if your child tries to harm themselves or others during a temper tantrum.
  • Contact your child’s doctor or health care professional if you feel that your child’s tantrums are out of control.
  • Provide visuals such as Bear on the Chair to help you child understand their behaviors.

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  1. Leelo R Avatar

    I´ve never heard of Bear on the Chair before, but I love the idea behind it. My son has his “moments” and it is sometimes pretty hard to stay calm.

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    This Bear on the chair sounds like an excellent teaching tool, one a young child might understand.

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    Tara Pittman

    great tips on tantrums. Sometimes kids are hungry when they have meltdowns

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    I have two soon to be toddlers at my house! It is going to be interesting having two of them this time around!

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    It's amazing to know that the bear on a chair was created by a 6 year old!Looks like a great product! Thanks for sharing.

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