How to Help Our Troubled Teenagers {Infographic}

Being a teenager is often a difficult time for some children as they are trying to figure the world out. Being a teenager today is pretty stressful compared to the days when I was growing up. Back then you often dealt with face to face problems, school pressure, possibly conflicts with your parents, and we didn’t have the technological advances that many teenagers have today. They are not only faced with some of the same problems that we had growing up but they have other problems that we didn’t have such as cyberbullying, sexting, drug use, prescription drug abuse, over the counter drug abuse, and so many other things that might cause a teenager to turn to other things in search of fitting in.

Parenting also has changed over the last decade too! I think it is so much harder being a parent in today’s society. Do you agree or disagree?

Do you have a troubled teenager? If so, you aren’t alone. Sundance Canyon Academy took the time and created this great inforgraphic so that parents can quickly see how to help their troubled teenager.

How-to-Help-Our-Troubled-Teens-InfographicPhoto Credit: Sundance Canyon Academy Graphic Used With Permission

What did you learn today that you didn’t already know about today’s teenagers?

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32 responses to “How to Help Our Troubled Teenagers {Infographic}”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Avatar
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Being a teenager is so hard these days. I feel like they have so many more struggles than we did back when we were that age.

  2. Carmen Perez (listen2mama) Avatar

    I think being a teen these days is awful. And what is making it so much worse is social media. Everyone knows what everyone else is up to every minute of the day!

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle Avatar

    This is so scary. We THINK we’ve raised our kids to avoid all of these things. Then again, all parents think that’s what they’ve done.

  4. Diana Villa Avatar

    We definitely need post like yours! I didn’t even know about all these teenager problem before, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  5. Megan Elford Avatar

    My boss counsels kids at our high school, and though he can’t mention specifics, he has told us some of the things that kids are struggling with these days. It’s a wonder they make it out alive! We really do need to invest in our teenagers, and not just say that it’s “just a phase” that they’re going through.

  6. michele d Avatar
    michele d

    This post is important for parents to read and learn about. Kids go through so much now. It’s truly a hardtime for me.

  7. Christi from Avatar

    I think there needs to be a fine balance between too much discipline and not enough. Kids today have it a lot harder than we did with the social and educational pressures that are put on them. Mix that with parents who are too exhausted to parent due to the economy or jobs and you run into a big mess. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  8. Amy Kelsch Avatar

    This infographic is very helpful. I was not aware of all of these facts.

  9. Heather Avatar

    Wow, the statistics are pretty sad, but honestly I think 1 in 16 defiant teenagers, isn’t really terrible. I think it probably starts when kids are really young and they lack the confidence, the discipline and the right kind of loving environment at home fro their parents.

  10. Dogvills Avatar

    In these day we know, that teens is the one big problem of our society..good to know, its a great review.. I I think it’s helpful specially to our teens..


  11. Debbie Denny Avatar
    Debbie Denny

    I think confidence and structure are important. Lots of good info.

  12. Alli Avatar

    These are some frightening stats! It’s so important to be there for our kids and to know where they are at all times. I feel that some kids are given too much freedom too soon.

  13. Elizabeth O. Avatar
    Elizabeth O.

    That is scary. Teens these days are so different than when I was growing up. This is a very helpful infographic.

  14. Lynndee Avatar

    Shocking teen stats indeed. I surely didn’t know those things. It’s always so sad for me to see teens go the wrong way. I hope and pray my son won’t go that “way.”

  15. Bonnie @ wemake7 Avatar
    Bonnie @ wemake7

    This is really great info. I have 2 teens right now and it is really rough. They aren’t into all this big stuff but are having a hard time in other ways. I will have to check this out.

  16. Alyssa C Avatar

    While my girls aren’t teenagers yet, this information will definitely come in hand! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Chubskulit Rose Avatar

    This is a very helpful infographic. My kids are just 9 and 8 but we are already teacing them stuff about social manners and the stuff they have to face when they become a teen,.

  18. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo Avatar

    Wow. These stats are scary! Sharing these with friends who have teens.

  19. Daniella Keating Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this infographic. Teenagers can go through tough times so it’s great to be educated in how you can help them.

  20. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane Avatar

    So many things are scary. Life is scary, not matter what age you are. Setting a good home environment and ethical foundation are key. Support and communication can go a long way too.

  21. Paula Schuck Avatar

    Those statistics are frightening. 4 million children and adolescents are dealing with mental disorders. I didn’t know the numbers were that high.

  22. manuela W. Avatar
    manuela W.

    This post needs to be shared again and again. Teenagers need to know they can reach out to someone for help. It’s time to make change.

  23. lisa Avatar

    These are very scary stats. I have a preteen and I am not looking forward to the teen years!

  24. Raijean S Avatar

    Great tips, it’s definitely hard to raise teens, you just have to be there and guide them the best you can.

  25. Tiffany Avatar

    We live in a small town, and I am not sure how true those stats are for our area! Seemed a lot higher.

  26. HilLesha Avatar

    It is so sad that there are so many troubled teens. It breaks my heart! I don’t recommend boot camp, though. I have heard so many horror stories of the abuse teenagers had to endure while at boot camp, and some have even died while at boot camp because of the insane abuse. 🙁

  27. Ricci Avatar

    I am so glad I’m not a teenager today! Being a teen was so tough I can’t even imagine what kids today go through. Great graphic!

  28. Jessica Simms Avatar

    This is very interesting, some of these statistics shocked me.

  29. Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies Avatar

    Some of these stats are very concerning. Also it’s shocking to see how much it would cost for interventions.

  30. Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies Avatar

    Some of these stats are very concerning. Also it’s shocking to see how much it would cost for interventions.

  31. Carin Kilby Clark Avatar

    Oh-em-gee being a teenager is so hard! Helping my teen now with all the life choices and pressures and I try to remember how in the world I ever dealt with it all at that age!

  32. Gabriel Avatar

    Raising awareness is the first step to helping to bring these numbers down. Funny that as a teen, none of these things seemed to occur to me.