15 Pregnancy Superfoods

15 Pregnancy Superfoods – Ensure Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

  • Non-Fat Milk or Milk – It is important that pregnant moms get enough calcium in their diet to help prevent bone problems during and after pregnancy.
  • Banana’s – Bananas are packed full of potassium and are gentle on the stomach if you are suffering from morning sickness.  If you are feeling fatigued, eating a banana can help give you a burst of quick energy and can help you fight off symptoms of fatigue.  Bananas are also great to eat if you are suffering from severe legs cramps.
  • Choose Lean Meats – During pregnancy, your body needs more iron and it is important that you get enough protein in your diet.  Lean meats are lower in fat and are healthier choices, over meats that are higher in fat content.  It is important  that you eat enough meat.  Eating meat contains the iron that you need to prevent anemia and it is the easiest form of iron that your body can absorb, especially, if you are unable to stomach your pre-natal vitamins.  If you start depleting the iron that is stored in your body, you will likely feel tired all of the time and could show the signs and symptoms of anemia.  Anemia can be prevented and left untreated it can be harmful to you and your unborn baby.
  • Cheese – Adding cheese to your meals or snack time can help increase your calcium intake.  However, it is important to stay away from soft cheeses or cheeses that are not processed.
  • Eggs – If you are unable to eat any meat during your pregnancy, eggs are another great source of protein.  They are a quick and easy meal to fix.  Plus, you can even hard boil a few eggs at a time so that you can add egg to your salad or have a grab and go meal or snack.
  • Oatmeal – Try adding oatmeal to your morning routine;instead, of eating milk and cereal.  It is easy to digest and is packed with complex carbohydrates which helps make you feel full longer during the day.  It also is great for relieving constipation.
  • Leafy Greens – Instead of grabbing traditional lettuce mix next time at the store, opt for healthy greens such as spinach.  Leafy greens are filled with high levels of vitamins and minerals.  If you are low on iron, cooked spinach is a great source of iron.
  • Whole Grain Breads and Pastas – Swap your traditional white bread and pastas for whole wheat.  Wheat is packed with fiber and is filled with complex carbohydrates, which take longer to break down and help keep you feeling full longer.
  • Nuts – Add nuts sparingly to your diet or swap them out for traditional fats such as meat, fatty condiments, and butters.  Nuts are higher in unsaturated fats (good fats) and are a great source of protein, vitamin e, and fiber, depending on the type of nuts that you choose to eat.
  • Asparagus – Asparagus is full of folate which helps prevent neural tube defects.
  • Yogurt – Yogurt is another great way to get calcium in your diet.  Avoid yogurt that is high in sugar.  Greek yogurt is a better alternative and contains more protein than traditional yogurt blends.
  • Garlic – Garlic is a great herb that can help prevent preeclampsia during pregnancy.  Preeclampsia can be harmful to you and your unborn baby, especially, if your blood pressure get to too high.  Try adding a hint of garlic to your vegetables, omelets, pizza, and humus.

As you are choosing foods, make sure that you are choosing a healthy variety of food so that you get all of the minerals and vitamins that you and your baby need each day during pregnancy.  Eat a variety of healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and fats.  If necessary, use the food pyramid to determine which food groups that you need to focus on.  Remember that it is important to take a pre-natal vitamin to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients that you aren’t getting through diet alone.

What is your favorite pregnancy superfood?


27 responses to “15 Pregnancy Superfoods – Ensure Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy”

  1. Corinne Avatar

    What a great list! These foods are great even if you aren’t pregnant. And I had no idea garlic was so helpful in pregnancy!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I have always been a fan of garlic and knew that it helped ward off colds. It helps lower your blood pressure, so it would also be great for those who suffer from high blood pressure as well.

  2. Dominique Goh@Dominique's Desk Avatar

    Great tips on what foods to eat. I still eat a lot of these even though I am not pregnant.

    1. Christy Avatar

      That is awesome Dominique, I do the same.

  3. Rebel Sweetheart Avatar

    Guavas are pretty high in vitamin C, and I ate a lot of them when I was pregnant. 😉

    1. Christy Avatar

      I haven’t ever tried a Guava before, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. Pamela R Avatar

    super list—although during both my pregnancies I was lucky to keep down crackers and water!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I was the same with my daughter. Then once I was able to keep stuff down I craved sweets.

  5. Dee Avatar

    Wow, I had no idea about garlic! Very good to know! My baby years are behind me, but I will still be adding more garlic (or feeling less guilty about the horrible breath I’m giving my family when I use it) to help. We are big salad eaters, but I like to reinforce the need with my youngest, so I’ll be reading him the list. Thanks!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I can relate Dee, I am done with the baby days. I love adding garlic salt to my veggies. Gives it flavor without adding calories.

  6. Dawn Lanier Avatar

    Great tips here – proper nutrition while you’re pregnant is very important to both mother and child.

    1. Christy Avatar

      You are correct Dawn, thank you for sharing.

  7. Cynthia Avatar

    I’m so glad to see a lot of my favorites on the list! I didn’t have any cravings during my pregnancy (which was a surprise). I am thankful that I didn’t have any food aversions either – my sister would get sick just from the taste/smell of certain foods.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, I had a few food aversions when I was pregnant. And I had different cravings with each of my children. I love eating berries (which wasn’t on my list), bananas and yogurt.

  8. Morgan Avatar

    Great list, even if you aren’t pregnant. Things change so much over the years- over a decade ago, we pregnant women were told NOT to eat fish. I’m glad they got that cleared up, lol.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, I remember with my first pregnancy that I only ate a very small amount of fish. Of course, I am not a huge fish eater to begin with.

  9. Carla J Gardiner Avatar

    Choosing good nutrition while you are pregnant is critical to the development of your unborn baby. Additionally, adding a high quality nutritional supplement enhances the body’s ability to help mommy stay healthy and energetic while supplying the baby with vital nutrients for proper development. I’ve witnessed the results of many women choosing this over non-healthy foods and not using supplements…the baby is the one who ultimately suffers. Good article Christy, very good information.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree I didn’t always make healthy choices with my first pregnancy, mostly due to cravings. With my boys I was careful and wanted to avoid gaining more weight than I needed to. Eating healthy choices keeps the additional weight off, beyond what the doctors recommend you to gain while pregnant.

  10. Marie Leslie Avatar

    There’s not a lot of difference between good nutrition for pregnant women and good nutrition for everyone else. Incorporating these foods into your eating plan definitely makes for a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree Marie. Pregnant women just need to make sure the adequate amount of calories and nutrients.

  11. Lorii Abela Avatar

    Pregnancy is an important phase to pass. It is a crucial stage as it determines the basic building block to future health. This article should reach many women. Do you have plans of posting this blog to other social media sites?

    1. Christy Avatar

      Lorii I share my posts on social media and other places. 🙂

  12. Meire Weishaupt Avatar

    Thank you for the tips about good nutrition, it is so crucial in the pregnancy period!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree Meire, thank you for stopping by.

  13. Jamie Avatar

    Great tips!! I know that the doctor had me on Folic Acid and it really helped when I was having my son, along with eating well. Due to prescription medicine, he had the start of a cleft palate and the vitamin stopped it, allowing it to be the soft part only. 🙂

  14. Mitch Ryan Avatar

    This is a great list. It is important indeed to eat the right food during pregnancy.

  15. tara pittman Avatar

    Your baby needs good food to develop properly. Better nutrition makes a smarter baby.