Child Learning How to Use the Computer

Learn Why Children Need to Learn How to Use Computers – Computers Are All Around Us

Child Learning How to Use the Computer

Technology is everywhere and your child is going to have to learn how to use it. It is amazing that when my daughter was about three years old, she knew how to turn on the computer and let it boot up. Once it was up, she would double click on the icon for her game on the desktop. She would play “Freddie Fish” for about an hour before I kicked her off of the computer. If your child, doesn’t know how to do basic commands on a computer, they are going to be in trouble once they get out into the real world. Every where you go there are computers and technology making the world function the way it is today. Just take a look around you, the cashier at your favorite drive through uses a computer to input your order, the pump at the gas station has a small computer so that you can pay at the pump, all of the lights are programmed using a computer, ect.

Today, I wanted to share what it is like for many pharmaceutical companies around the world that rely on computers and the Internet so that you can get your prescriptions filled in a timely manner.

When we were kids, we were watching movies with such diverse views as to how the future would look like. We could see flying skateboards; cyborgs or machines that threaten to wipe out entire human race, sex through telepathy and much more. This was all through the dreamy eyes of different directors and screen writers. Some of these things did come through. If we go back in history read what Jules Verne wrote, we realize that there were people who were intrigued by all these books or movies and they were trying their best to create the machines depicted in them. However you put it, the future brings some wacky ideas. Of course, most of them are just excessive visions made by certain people. In real life, things such as the internet and other computer based machines represent the future.

This also goes for medical institutions and pharmacies. The entire procedures became highly sophisticated and computerized. Furthermore, it is hard to imagine an emergency room without all these computers and shiny buttons. For those familiar with science fiction, it might even resemble Starship Enterprise. These machines are not only important for procedures themself. They are a valuable asset when making a diagnosis. Without power, your regular clinic couldn’t perform ninety percent of its regular tasks.

Similarly to hospitals and clinics, pharmacies got modernized and computerized. Nowadays, pharmacies in the US and especially the online drugstores based in Canada have everything they need to send and distribute the medicine all over the continent. You don’t even need to move from the chair; everything is done in a few, short minutes. Each one of these online pharmacies has a large network enabling them to send the drugs. The orders can be done either by internet, mail or phone. Only thing which you need to do is order, pay and provide a valid prescription from your doctor. While doing this you need to be careful though. If you are purchasing for the first time from some online drugstore, it is necessary to check if the company has all the certificates and seals of approval provided by legislative body or institution in charge.

Another thing that had a big impact on American and Canadian pharmacies was introduction of computers in place of business. Back in the days, it was much hard to keep track of products in stock. Pharmacists needed to do most of the things manually and it came down to counting and memorizing. Today, computer database provides us with all the necessary information making it easy to keep track of things in our pharmacy.

Like every great progress, it needed to start from a single step. For us, it was the development of computers. Since the industrial revolution, human kind was heavily dependable on various machines that assisted us during the production. Similarly to many other machines, the computers and the internet are making our lives that much easier, giving us time to do devote ourselves to things that actually matter. Online pharmacies and hospitals are just some of the establishments that were influenced by them.

Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos by Stuart Miles

Does your child know how to operate a computer?

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3 responses to “Learn Why Children Need to Learn How to Use Computers – Computers Are All Around Us”

  1. Melissa Moreno Avatar

    Both of my young sons know how to use a computer and the iPad. It really amazes me too…but technology is everywhere so I guess it’s a necessity these day!

  2. Cynthia Avatar

    Yes, our child knows how to use the computer. We don’t let him use it unsupervised at this point.

  3. Bismah Avatar

    Our eldest is just two and half. He doesn’t know anything about the computer as of yet. However I do plan to get him familiar with it before he attends preschool. I have to agree with you that it is very important for children to learn how to use them as technology keeps growing and changing so rapidly.