How to Talk To Your Tweens or Teens About Tough Topics #FindYourBold

How to Talk To Your Tweens or Teens About Tough Topics #FindYourBold #ad

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How to Talk To Your Tweens or Teens About Tough Topics #FindYourBold

Do you make the time to sit down at the table for dinner? Did you know that families who eat meals together have kids who are happier and feel more secure? I totally get it that most families are pulled in opposite directions with soccer practice, dance lessons, running errands, and caring for the kids. Today, I want to challenge families to sit down for family meal time at least twice a week. 

In February, I shared an article that included 6 benefits of eating meals together and I hope that you take the time to read it in addition to today’s blog post. Not only is meal time encouraged for nourishment but it is also a great opportunity for the entire family to spend quality time together and catch up on how everyone is doing.

Meal Time is a Great Time to Talk About Your Teenager’s Day and Tough Topics

My teenagers often don’t enjoy talking about their day unless I specifically ask them questions about their day. I try not to ask them too many personal questions in front of my youngest son but I do talk to them over dinner. If you don’t have younger children, dinner time is a perfect time to bring up bold subjects such as talking to your tweens or teenagers about tough subjects such as sex, sexting,  drug use, smoking, cursing, and so many other important topics.

If you have younger children, you might want to schedule a mom and dad date or use another time to talk to your tweens or teenagers about these tough topics. Talking about tough subjects doesn’t have to be embarrassing or difficult.

For parents out there looking to add some bold conversation to your dinner table, I would suggest checking out Ore-Ida’s #FindYourBold Pinterest board for conversation starters, too.

Oreida Pinboard

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Here Are a Few Rules That I Use to Make Tackling Tough Topics Easier

When it comes time to talk to your tweens/teenagers about tough topics, I wanted to share a few rules that I have found to be helpful with some of the tough talks that we have had with my daughter.

  • Remove electronics from the discussion area
  • Turn off anything that could be a distraction in the room such as radio, television, computer (unless they are going to be used for demonstration purposes)
  • Try not to use statements that put them on the spot unless you have proof that they are participating in an activity that you don’t approve of.
  • Show them examples or images of a topic if it helps you illustrate a point.
  • Use examples from your own childhood if you’re comfortable with discussing it with your children.
  • Always do your own research on the subject yourself so that you’re educated enough to talk to them openly about the topic.
  • Ask them questions that gets them talking.
  • Don’t ask them the same question over and over. Doing so will cause them to get defensive and they will close off the conversation.
  • Always remain calm. If you can’t talk to your child and remain calm, come back to the discussion at a later time.
  • Keep ongoing conversations with your child about the topic. Don’t make it a one time conversation and forget about it.
  • Give your child the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Don’t forget to discuss the consequences that could happen as a result of their choices. You goal is to educate them so that they are prepared to handle any tough situations that might come their way.
  • Always let your children know that they can come to you anytime that they have a question or want to talk.

Make Dinner Time Bold

Ore-ida® bold and crispy fries

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Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos

Do you have any additional tips on how to talk to your tween or teenager about difficult subjects? Have you tried the new Ore-Ida®’s New Bold and Crispy French Fries yet?

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20 responses to “How to Talk To Your Tweens or Teens About Tough Topics #FindYourBold #ad”

  1. Jeanine Avatar

    This is so important! I only have one preteen right now but I don’t find it hard to talk to him yet. Hopefully that continues with all the rest of them because it’s so important!

  2. Athena Avatar

    Definitely must remain calm. I have special needs children and they definitely feed off my emotions!

  3. Christy Maurer Avatar

    I think the fact that I homeschooled my kids for so long makes it so much easier to talk about stuff. We are so close, so I just bring it up. My son goes to HS now…he’s a junior. Some of his freshman friends have been smoking pot. I told him he should talk to them about it and tell them how it can lead to other stuff. You just have to have a good relationship with your kids and then it will be comfortable talking to them.

  4. becca Avatar

    I’m lucky in my son talks to me about everything. Sometime even when i don’t want to know.

  5. Shonda Avatar

    I developed the conversation with my daughter very early on in life so as she got older (now 18) it was just natural for her to feel comfortable talking to me. Now I am doing it all over again with my son. Setting healthy boundaries but being open to listen so they don’t shy away when those tough topics come up.

  6. onceuponamaritime Avatar

    Electronic are a huge distraction nowadays, it takes time to really get them feeling comfortable; but it slowly happens after time!

  7. Helena Avatar

    What great suggestions and making food a part of it is definitely a big draw!

  8. Adriana Martin Avatar

    Chatting with teens and giving them advice could be a challenge, nice idea to pair a tough conversation with a meal that could be a great way to make the moment easier. I think is nice to discuss life munching on a french fry =)

  9. Daniele Holmberg Avatar

    Some topics are so hard to discuss with teens, but it is important to take your time to do so or they end up having to go elsewhere and do not always get the correct information.

  10. Erinn S Avatar
    Erinn S

    meal time and car rides is where we tend to talk

  11. Roz K. Walker - Goodbye Boss Hello Kids Avatar

    Great tips for talking with teens. Mealtime is a great time to talk. They are much more relaxed. I didn’t know Ore Ida had the bold and crispy line. The Smoky BBQ sounds delicious. Will have to try them.

  12. John Lopez Avatar
    John Lopez

    Thank you for sharing this great tips, my two kids are become teensnow.I will need this tips.

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Avatar
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Dinner time is when we have all of our family’s “deep” conversations. It’s the perfect time because we are all already together.

  14. Chubskulit+Rose Avatar

    We never missed dinner together, we always makes sure that we all sit down and eat together as lunch is impossible to be together.

  15. Yolanda Wiliams Avatar

    I can’t agree more dinner time is the best time to really talk and find out what’s going on in the family life. My mother would also have a good talk with me over food or when I was in the kitchen helping her.

  16. Alyssa C Avatar

    What a great post! We like to talk about our day during dinner and play the “best and worst part of our day” game! It definitely works and my girls look forward to it everyday

  17. Coolchillmom Avatar

    We always devote meal time to family time. You do offer a great list of considerations to tackle hard topics. Thanks for them

  18. Lisa @bitesforbabies Avatar

    My mom was very open to me growing up so I plan on being very open with my kids!

  19. Krystal Avatar

    I love these ideas for conversations around the dinner table. I always use Ore Ida products – their fries are one of my weekly treats!

  20. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your tips about talking to teens ,I’m gonna need that in a few years.