Tying The Knot Should Not Make You Nuts

Tying The Knot Should Not Make You Nuts

Tying The Knot Should Not Make You Nuts

Having children is a huge blessing but if you and your spouse aren’t prepared it can take a huge toll on your marriage. It is important that you find some time to focus on your own relationship especially after having a newborn in the house for a few weeks. You don’t have to leave your baby very long but a small dinner break or a movie is a great way to reconnect with your spouse. Today, I wanted to share some great tips from Kimberly Grimms on how to make your marriage fail proof after you have children.

I love watching romantic comedies. Most rom-coms end with a wedding. The guy and the girl say “I do”, and they live happily ever after. But getting married does not always mean rainbows and butterflies.

Marriage is a battlefield. You may end up fighting with your spouse a lot, arguing over petty things, and wondering where all the romance went. You fondly remember date nights (back when you still had a date night) when your only fights were about the movies you were going to watch.

But nothing tests a marriage more than being first-time parents. As a parent myself, I know how difficult parenting can be. It can be really hard to stay in love with your partner when it’s 2am and the baby is crying and neither of you have had a decent night’s rest. Or when your sweet-looking toddler starts throwing toddler tantrums in public places and you and your partner try all the tricks in the book to get your toddler to stop. But nothing seems to work. You feel like everyone is silently judging you for being a failure as a mother. Believe me, I have been there. And I can tell you that you are not a failure. There is no such thing as imperfect parenting. You just have to do your best and trust that your best is good enough. Also, instead of turning to your spouse and blaming each other, try to help each other out. You are a team. Although parenting can be extremely trying for a marriage, it can make your marriage stronger than it has ever been. So the next time you and your partner start arguing over dirty diapers and spilled milk, stop, take a break, and tell yourself it is not the end of the world.

As a mother, I can tell you that it gets easier in time. If you’re a first time mom, read on. Here is a guide for first time mothers.

Encourage Your Toddler to Play

Play time can be bonding time for you and your child. Don’t be afraid to bring your toddler to the playground. There are many benefits of playground interaction for parents and kids. You get to learn more about your child and find out about the things that interest your kid. You get to learn about his likes and dislikes. What makes him laugh, what makes him curious, what makes him tick. I love inventing games for my kids and I find that it develops their imagination.

Bring your toddler to the playground and let him play with other kids. Enjoy a few minutes of rest as you watch your toddler play and interact with them. You can also invest in some playground equipment and build a backyard playground. Create a safe environment for your kid to play in.

Do you know that there is a strong connection between play time and brain development? American educational psychologist Anthony Pellegrini observed that a lack of play can result in challenging behavior and negative performance in the classroom. Play helps children learn about teamwork. It helps them feel more settled and helps them develop their problem-solving skills. By playing with your child, you get to bond with your child and help him grow to become a well-adjusted kid. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget has been known to say that “play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” So spend some time in the playground with your child and have fun.

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8 responses to “Tying The Knot Should Not Make You Nuts”

  1. Jennifer Hiles Avatar
    Jennifer Hiles

    How interesting. I learned a lot in this article. I had no idea that there was a link between play time and brain development. That is good to learn about. We had our first 3 years ago and phweee, we have learned a lot one our own. Wish I would have read this years ago!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, marriage is tough when you have kids. But as parents we have to have time outs too. Time outs for adults = date night. You actually might feel guilty for leaving your child but it is for the best. It is proven that a night out helps keep your marriage alive and that you are a better parent. Plus date nights give you a chance to regroup and work as a team.

  2. Pam Rote Avatar

    I like “give your self a brake”– I am more of a laid back Mom and I’ve often said words similar to yours to many of my friends.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Break time is very important even if it is for a quick date. 😉

  3. Rebel Sweetheart Avatar

    Great tips! And yes, I strongly agree on giving oneself a break every once in awhile.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, breaks and date nights are very important especially when your kids are younger and more demanding.

  4. Fathima Syedali Avatar
    Fathima Syedali

    Encourage Your Toddler to Play, which gives them a healthy dose of cardiovascular, heart-healthy exercise. The first six years of life is especially important, the more they exercise, both their sensory and motor skills increase. Great tips for new moms and dads.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Thank you. I try to get my kids outside more in the fall and spring. However, school keeps my older kids in shape. I can’t stand the heat in Texas or the winter time so play time outside is limited in our house.