7 Things You Should Do After You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test

7 Things You Should Do After You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test #PrenatalVitamins

7 Things You Should Do After You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test

Congratulations!!! You probably found this post because you just got a positive pregnancy test and you are super excited, scared, and wondering what the next 9 months has in store for you. Not only is the first trimester very exciting it is when the real fun gets started as you are preparing for the arrival of your little one. Once you have a confirmed positive pregnancy test, you might not know what else to do afterwards and I wanted to share some things that you should take care of fairly quickly.

Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Many doctors recommend that you start taking prenatal vitamins or folic acid at least one month prior to trying to conceive. The folic acid helps reduce birth defects that usually take place during those early few weeks of pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins include the recommended amount of folic acid plus additional vitamins that are needed to help grow a healthy baby. If you didn’t start taking prenatal vitamins until after you found out that you are pregnant, don’t worry many women go on to have healthy babies. You can purchase prenatal vitamins over the counter such as Evergreen Nature Prenatal Vitamins(order here) or wait until your doctor gives you a prescription. It might be a few weeks before you can get into see your doctor so starting them right away is best.

7 Things You Should Do After You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test 1

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Schedule an Appointment with your OB/GYN or Midwife

As soon as I got a positive pregnancy test, I called my doctor’s office to schedule an appointment. Depending on your health care policy (you can usually find a list of in-network providers on their website or you can call them), you might have to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor first so that you can obtain a referral. Depending on the provider you choose to care for you during your pregnancy, they may not want to see you until you have missed two menstrual cycles while others have you come in as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for an appointment sooner if you have a history of problems before, chronic medical problems, or symptoms that are causing you to worry. You can also talk to the doctors nurse about any possible medications that you take on a regular basis or have any questions before your first scheduled appointment.

It is very important to get tested for STDs when you find out you are pregnant, so that proper care can be provided if needed to ensure that you and your baby will be ok during pregnancy. These tests are relatively simple and you can find a local clinic to get this done by searching for something like “std testing near me” online. There is absolutely zero shame in having an STD, and it’s better to catch it early on so that treatment can be as straightforward as possible.

Celebrate Your Exciting News

If you haven’t told your spouse or significant other yet about the exciting news, you could plan a romantic meal or find another fun way to share the news. I remember when we found out that we were expecting our youngest, we surprised the kids over dinner at a restaurant.

Even though you may not be ready to share the news with the world yet, make sure you celebrate your exciting news.

Pamper Yourself

The first trimester can be exhausting so it is important that you take the time to pamper yourself. You can go get a prenatal massage, manicure, pedicure, take a nap, get your hair done, read a book, or do something that you enjoy.

Take Care of Yourself

Now that your expecting, you need to make sure that you do your best to take care of your body. Your body is currently working hard to grow a baby especially during the first trimester. It is very important to make sure that you eat a well balanced diet (as best as you can while your dealing with morning sickness), get plenty of sleep, reduce your stress, exercise (you may have to modify your workout), drink plenty of water, and take your prenatal vitamins.

Share the News with Family and Friends

Don’t forget to share the news with your family and friends. Some women wait until they reach the second trimester before they decide to share the news with their family and friends. I personally shared my pregnancies after I went to the doctor with my close family members. I decided to waited to share the news with my friends and coworkers until after I had my first ultrasounds. I ended up telling my direct boss a bit sooner in case I had certain issues doing parts of my job.

Enjoy your Pregnancy

Nine months seems like a really long time but when you are pregnant it seems to fly by until those final few weeks. It is important to take the time to enjoy your pregnancy. Make sure that you take plenty of baby bump photos and embrace every kick, hiccups, punch, and jabs.

Pregnancy is an exciting time and it is important that you try to enjoy the ups and downs that come with it. I hope these tips help you know what you need to do next after you receive a positive pregnancy test.

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19 responses to “7 Things You Should Do After You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test #PrenatalVitamins”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Avatar
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I totally pampered myself after I found out. I did nothing but relax for 9 months and ate whatever I wanted.

  2. Dawn Avatar

    These are great tips. Hit those vitamins immediately. Babies need lots of nutrition while they’re growing and they take it from your body!

  3. Christy Maurer Avatar

    My advice is to sleep now because you’ll never sleep again lol! You really do need to take extra care of yourself during pregnancy since you’re growing a person!

  4. Chubskulit Rose Avatar

    It took us almost two years before I finally conceived so it wasa great news for us. I actually taking pre-natal vitamins before I conceive as advised by my doctor.

  5. Sandy KS Avatar
    Sandy KS

    I remember those iron pills that was given out over 20 years ago for moms to be. Alway made me sick. By time I had my daughter I was able to get a multivitamin pill. Which eased up the sick feeling.

  6. celebbabylaundry Avatar

    Great advice, it’s best to just relax and let all those you love know! The pre natal vitamins are a huge yes as well, these are great tips.

  7. Life as a Convert Avatar

    I think there has been evidence that shows you should take them 9 months prior or something. I take them everyday since I have a history of having a child with a neural tube defect.

  8. Jeanine Avatar

    Great post! Been there so many times myself. I take vitamins everyday. Prenatal and others. I always have just in case!

  9. michele d Avatar
    michele d

    I did relax a bit too much my first pregnancy when I was carrying the twins. Pre-Natal Vitamins are very important to you and are a must to take in my opinion.

  10. Lynsey Jones Avatar

    These are very valuable tips. Many women forget to take care of themselves once they find out because they worry over the child more.

  11. mykidsguide Avatar

    As soon as I found out, I bought all the prenatal vitamins that my doc recommended and I made sure I take it everyday.

  12. Pauline C. Avatar
    Pauline C.

    My first baby was a little bit relaxed for me. But I took all the needed vitamins and really took great care of myself.

  13. lisa @bitesforbabies Avatar

    I took prenatal vitamins all throughout my first pregnancy but with the second one they actually made me sick!! I ate very healthy foods so my doctor said I could just not take them!

  14. becka Avatar

    It’s funny how that works. The first baby is relaxing and everyone is telling you to take it easy and do nothing, the second baby people are still there to tell you to not do too much… then the third baby everyone is wondering why you need an afternoon nap.

  15. Alyssa C Avatar

    These are great tips! When I found out, I made OB appointments and enjoyed a bowl of ice cream 😉

  16. Carin Kilby Clark Avatar

    Great tips! With my second and only planned pregnancy, I actually started taking the prenatal vitamins beforehand – while we were trying to conceive. Not sure if it made any difference, but I sure felt great!

  17. CourtneyLynne Avatar

    these are definitely great things to keep in mind! I always tell people to sleep! You never realize how valuable it is until you no longer get it lol

  18. Fariha N. Avatar
    Fariha N.

    I tried to relax while I was pregnant but it was hard. I had very bad morning, afternoon and evening sickness, lol. I would wake up in the middle of the night to throw up. You can see why I had trouble relaxing.

  19. Krystal Avatar

    I sometimes forgot to take my vitamins and it made a difference. I had much more energy when I took them! Thanks for the tips.